Treat yourself to an unforgettable cultural & culinary experience with Taste of Paris! Food and dining is at the heart of French culture, and we will take you on a journey to explore this wonderful world of French flavors. Paris has some of the best bakers & chefs in the world, and Taste of Paris will take you to the best in the city. More...

You’ll sample flakey croissants, creamy cheeses, and delicate chocolates. Learn the proper way to taste wine, and see rows of pastries that look like art! We’ll stroll through an open-air market to see what’s in season, and you’ll see how the French do their grocery shopping. Come learn about why food is such an important part of French culture and how you can take part in all of it!

Whether this is your first trip to Paris or your 50th, you will delight in this tour. Not only will you discover some of the best shops, restaurants, bakeries, and markets in Paris, but you’ll also learn fascinating information about the history, culture, and architecture while strolling through one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Paris. This unique Paris tour is about cultural discovery, and we aim to make this experience the highlight of your trip.
  • LEARN about French culture
  • TASTE some of the best treats Paris has to offer
  • EXPERIENCE Paris like a local
  • SEE beautiful pastries that are works of art
  • SMELL the aroma of fresh baked baguettes and croissants
  • STROLL through one of Paris’ most beautiful neighborhoods
  • INDULGE your taste buds
  • ENHANCE your Paris experience